As part of our truth or dare question catalog we have a collection of questions geared toward girls and younger women. Make them believe and theses question are designed to embarrass players. The question focus on relationships, dreams, love affairs, aspirations and even insecurities. Enjoy.

  1. Have you ever ever let your brother or sister take?
  2. How do you desire to be proposed to?
  3. When have you killed a romantic disposition on purpose?
  4. What’s the meanest thing which you have done in your lifetime?
  5. What would make you cheat on your own boyfriend?
  6. In what way have you ever grown up too quickly?
  7. Which boy would cause your parents if you brought him home to freak out?
  8. What would you think about being a lad the best thing would be?
  9. What sacrifices are you really willing to make for the one you adore?
  10. What’s a gossip you spread which you knew was false?
  11. Why wouldn’t you wed your present boyfriend?
  12. What’s the worst thing about being a girl?
  13. Who is a picture villain you find attractive?
  14. Under what conditions would steal a friends boyfriend?
  15. Who’d you consider the worst date in your school?
  16. When have you seen a romantic disposition expire?
  17. Under what circumstances would you go to a strip club?
  18. Who’s the most frightening teacher?
  19. What issues can you have with your dad?
  20. What physical characteristics do you look at on other girls?
  21. Are you able to cry on demand? Prove it.
  22. When in your life where you the prettiest?

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